Sunday, May 13, 2012

Counting Crows haiku

I've been writing a haiku every day for years now.  It started as a way to connect with a friend of mine in Australia who was going through a hard time, but now it's become a habit.  Throughout the day snippets and phrases come to me until the time comes to sit down and write one.  Sometimes they're more like tiny journal entries; other times they step headfirst into the mystery that is poetry.

This year I've been playing with the odd series where every day the haiku connects with the day before and leads into the next.  Here's one called...

Counting Crows

One for sorrow, the
      solo flight
      across the sky
like an errant yarn

Two for joy, they spin
      like dervishes,
      chase the last
of the waning light

Three for a wedding,
      the guests all in
      black watch a
hooded moon drift by

Four for a death, the
      murder gathers,
      four and four
and more, all mourning

Five for silver, the
      tarnished precious
      lost in the
moonlight, gone for good

But six for gold, the
      harvest, the
      autumn leaf, the
promise remembered

Then seven for a
      secret not to
      be told, and
yet, tell it they do

Eight for heaven, up
      where the fools dance
      on bridges
made of falling stars

Nine for hell in the
      frozen trees,
      wintered with no
shelter for the night

Ten for the devil,
      when his fiddle
      rings above
the midnight crossroads

And then they fly, the
      counting crows,
      from story to
song and back again

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